Thursday, February 22, 2007

Identity Thief Sends Innocent Man to Jail

Think again if you believe identity theft won't cause
you to lose more than just minor credit card usage.

An innocent California man was sent to the notorious
San Quentin prison after an identity theft imposter used
his personal information to commit multiple crimes over
the past 4 years.

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"It's a gross injustice"

The innocent man was sent to prison even though the
criminal rap sheet in his name contained a completely
different mug shot photo of the real criminal.

"No one wanted to listen to him and he ends
up in San Quentin Prison."

Sadly, in an ironic twist of fate, the real victim of
this identity theft has now lost access to his:

  • Freedom
  • Wife & three kids
  • Home
  • Car window installation business

His unfair treatment began 4 years ago when the state
of California garnished his bank account for failure to
pay speeding tickets. Then, he was arrested two times
in 2003 on drug warrants.

In both the outstanding speeding tickets and drug arrests,
he was able to demonstrate to the authorities an identity
theft imposter had forged the incorrect address,
wrong car,
& someone else's signature.

But, in the spring of 2006, the innocent identity theft
victim was finally done in by the real criminal's illegal
activity. Though again innocent, the identity theft victim
was arrested and jailed because the real criminal imposter
evidently had generated outstanding warrants for:

  • Driving on an suspended license
  • Parole Violations with auto theft convictions

Identity theft, in this instance not only resulted in an
innocent man's loss of freedom - but, nearly cost him his

The first night in jail, his cellmate was attacked.

"He just grabbed his head and
started stabbing, killing him."

Fortunately, for this identity theft victim he was
released from prison after his lawyer was able to
convince a judge the crimes were committed by an
identity theft imposter.

Yet, while this California man is now free, he can be
arrested again for the rest of his life as the Justice
Department computers do not simply erase a criminal
rap sheet.

"...our system in the United States is not
supposed to be like that."
Think again.

So, our tip for today is to prevent you or any of your loved
ones from suffering a similar fate. Get your public information
profile (pip) and scrutinize it thoroughly for errors which can
cause you to:

  • Lose your Job
  • Get Arrested
  • Sent to Prison
  • Prevent you from Voting

Remember, a credit report and their credit monitoring services
were never designed to catch identity theft committed against
you using your public information.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Stolen Identity Used by Man for 10 Years

No, it was not Donald Trump, but rather one of us
regular everyday people who was victimized since
1995. Evidently, the identity theft victim was
first stung over 10 years ago by his former room

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Allegedly, this room mate began living under the
identity theft victim's stolen persona when he
took the following items and promptly left

  • Birth Certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Bank Checkbook

Not only did this identity thief steal this
North Carolina man's most sensitive personal
items, but thoroughly assumed his victim's
identity by doing all of the following:

  • Secured Bank Loans
  • Obtained Credit Cards
  • Utility Services
  • Paid Child Support
  • Served Jail Time

As a result, the identity theft victim's credit
record was severely damaged. Further still,
the identity theft victim's employment
were eliminated since his
background records now included:

  • Criminal Convictions
  • Child Support outstanding obligations

As a result of this identity theft fraudster's
damage, the innocent victim was forced to
undergo the lengthy process of getting a
new social security number (ssn) to clear
his reputation and credit record.

When authorities finally were able to confront
this identity theft criminal, he fled capture
for 1.5 years and managed to steal yet another
person's identity.

Imagine yourself being the victim of an evil
twin who's seemingly sole intent in life is
to commit repeated fraud in your good name.

Want to know a way to prevent this from
happening to you or your family member's

Our tip for today, is to put in place your very own
personalized fraud detection system specifically
designed to scan for your social security number (ssn)
or other publicly available information such as date
of birth (dob) and driver's license numbers (dmv).

As the identity theft victim later found out, fraud
committed against using his non-credit
personal information was even
more damaging than if
his credit card had
been actually stolen (
hint, it wasn't).

Imagine the emotional impact from suddenly learning
after a decade of attempting to get a better job
that you had been denied better pay simply because
you were unjustly classified as a convicted
or child support kiter.

Here's one new year's resolution you won't want to
miss out on. Get you and your family's historical
public information profile (pip) checked out & add
automatic social security number (ssn)
to guard against future incursions.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Can You Spot a $100k Fake Driver's License

Yes, your eyes are working. A $100,000 identity
theft and check fraud scam was recently
by thieves using a phony driver's

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It seems two California men, while traveling through
Oregon state, perpetrated multiple identity thefts
and forgeries against construction related businesses
in at least 5 cities.

"In each of these incidents payroll checkstock
was stolen from the company, forged and
negotiated at the account holders' banks."

The two men allegedly would research their intended
victims by posing as employment candidates days before
the actual burgularies and subsequent fraud took place.

"It appears these suspects are spending
considerable amounts of time at the locations
to research and find examples of the check
issuers' signature and employee addresses."

So, our tip for today is if you are an Oregon state
resident of Aumsville, Klamath Falls, Oregon City, Salem,
or Staton take action to help authorities nab this
identity theft fraudster and his partner.

Anyone with information is asked to call Salem Police
Detective Michael Korcek at 503-588-6050 ext. 7159.