Monday, May 18, 2009

Verizon Claims 9 of 10 Corporate Security Breaches Avoidable

In one of the more exhaustive studies we've seen lately,
Verizon Business Security concluded "nearly nine out of 10
breaches were considered avoidable if security basics had
been followed."

Verizon Claims 9 of 10 Corporate Security Breaches Are Avoidable

The study, based on 285 million compromised records from
90 confirmed breaches, suggested many of the data security
breaches did not require extensive fixes to plug the leaks.

"...did not require difficult or expensive
preventive controls. The 2009 report
concluded that mistakes and oversight
failures hindered security efforts more
than a lack of resources at the time of
the breach."

Even more alarming, though, is the vast majority of those
security breaches were not discovered by the target but
rather by other entities which had to bring it to the target's

"In 69 percent of cases, the breach was
discovered by third parties."

So, the key takeaways are the problem is growing, it's mostly
avoidable, and the organizations suffering the data security
breaches don't typically know about the problem until notified
by a 3rd party (meaning consumers).

Our tip for today is to guard your financial future and assets
against identity theft. Don't leave it up to organizations who
are either clueless or distracted with corporate mergers and
other internal issues to combat the highly focused identity theft
crime syndicates that exploit organizational vulnerabilities which
render your hard earned financial data available on the world