Thursday, July 23, 2009

$24K Cosmetic Surgery Powered by Identity Theft

From the "when will they ever learn file", as a follow up to
our related 2006 post - a California woman used a novel
funding strategy for her plastic surgery desires.

It seems, the Berkley identity theft used a Florida woman's
American Express card to order the following plastic surgery
costing $24,319:

  • $12,999 for breast enhancement
  • $11,320 for liposuction

Additionally, though, having secured a beauty make over this
same identity theft fraudster evidently went on a shopping spree
resulting in an additional $6,570 in merchandise charged to that
American Express card.

Fortunately, in this case the identity theft criminal was sentenced
Tuesday to 32 months of prison time.

But, for all those other identity theft victims who have not yet
discovered fraudulent charges made in their good name, now's
the time to take action.

Our tip for today is guard against your credit being accessed
without your authorization. Active credit monitoring can alert
you via wireless or email alerts when suspicious activity first
takes place given you the necessary time to limit or even
prevent extensive damage to your credit.

Its usually a free service offered by all the major credit card
companies such as Visa, Amex, Discover, Mastercard - so
make the call today to get your financial security and peace
of mind.

Plus, to find the often times hidden, past incidents of non-
credit report damage such as liens or court judgements
resulting from criminal activity committed in your
name, get your personal information profile (pip).

You will be shocked to know the volume of information on file
with your public information profile that presents over 400 ways
an identity thief can easily ruin your good name. Any one of
those 400 ways can cost you your job, force you to pay
higher auto insurance, or even land you in jail.

Finally, make sure to tell your friends and associates about this
latest new development in the war against identity theft fraud
and how to prevent it from happening to you or your loved ones.