Tuesday, May 03, 2005

About Us Id Theft Secrets Blog

Motivated by a personal incident of being an identity theft victim, we
strive to provide simple informational tools so that others can be spared
the impact of this crime.

Starting in November, 2002 we began publishing a 27 page "how to"
kit available as an instantly downloadable eBook which was well
recieved by the community of would be victims.

I could have really used Identity Theft: Exposed. A former landlord used my credit information years after I moved away from his apartment complex. It took me 9 months to get those fraudulent charges erased from my credit file. I wondered why I kept getting turned down on jobs I was qualified for.

Joe W., California

Raising teen age kids is challenging enough...when they open and use credit cards in your name..it's beyond embarrassing. Your "how to" kit really saved my bacon.

H. Hicks, Virginia

I highly recommended Identity Theft Secrets: Exposed! As a corporate auditor I often find most people simply do not take the necessary steps to guard their personal financial security.

J. Jones, Arkansas

Due to popular demand for more identity theft prevention tips, but
made available on a more frequent schedule, we started our blog in
May, 2005.

Coming by New Year's day, 2006 - we will have an updated version
of the blog available which will incorporate the original website along with
expanded content areas of consumer information safety.

In the interim, though, we'll provide frequent (typically 2x - 3x per week)
blog updates available both as spam free RSS and email alerts to our subscribers.
Additionally, we also offer free, MP3 audio Podcasts of selected content for all you
road warriors.

Tell your friends and associates about us, as we're subscriber supported - and
growing as the horrendous crime continues to unfold across all segments of

We encourage you to contact us with your very own personal testimonials
of how we have made a positive contribution to your identity theft


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