Friday, March 31, 2006

Identity Theft by Nurse Aid Ends With $46,000 Debt

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Continuing this week's theme of identity theft by
unlikely "trusted" figures, today's installment
weighs in with the sad story of a nurse aid who
helped himself to his elderly patient's good
credit resulting in over $46,000 of fraudulent

According to the source, the Pennsylvania man
who was the identity thief, managed to commit an
consistent pattern of fraud against his patient:

Took money from the ATM using the victim's
card and pin

Opened a post office box in his victim's name

Redirected the victim's credit card bills to
the post office box

Convinced the victim to provide a written
signature used to create a rubber stamp

Added his name to the victim's credit card

Opened additional credit cards jointly
using the victim's name

Paid for attorney fees, auto insurance,
tires, & repair bills for his car

And, the shocking part of this whole
identity theft, was the victim evidently
was unaware of any of the illegal acts
committed against her until contacted by
the authorities.

Concerned your elderly parents or loved
ones can be victimized by a seemingly
"trusted" aid?

Our tip for today, is to carefully
scrutinize your elderly associates
bank and charge card account statements.
Also, for any nurse aids or other
resident care workers that will be
in daily contact with the elderly,
make sure they have passed a thorough
criminal records and background screening


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