Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sentry Insurance Client Data for Sell from Identity Theft

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For a cool $25,000 cash you could have purchased
during June the
personal identity information of
36,000 innocent victims of
identity theft from the
Sentry Insurance company.

At the end of July a Michigan computer consultant working
for Sentry
Insurance was arrested after attempting to sell to
an undercover law enforcement officer a portion of the total
Sentry Insurance customer files he had stolen. The
information stolen by this identity thief involved the company's
worker compensation claim files and included the following
sensitive consumer information so valued by credit fraudsters:

  • Names
  • Social Security Numbers (ssn)
  • Dates of Birth

Evidently this identity thief had become emboldened by his previous
sale over the internet of 72 victim's information from the
same company.

All of the identity thief's illegal activities took place during the
timeframe of May 25 and June 22.

So, our tip for today is if you are or know someone who is a customer
of Sentry Insurance, contact the company on their company toll free
phone line to seek further assistance if your name was on the list
of people who's social security number (ssn) and other personal
information was compromised by this case of identity theft.

Although all of the stolen data has been recovered, Sentry Insurance
has made arrangements for its impacted customers to receive "free"
credit monitoring to help prevent fraudulent use of their personal

To find out more, contact Sentry Insurance, based in Wisconsin,
at 1-877-Sentry (7368).


At 11:11 PM, Blogger agent99 said...

That's just great!

Now I know my true worth (to criminals)
is less than what the average American spends for a Star Bucks cup of coffee.

Congress has to finally do something about this whole identity theft mess.


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