Wednesday, November 01, 2006

New York Gets Credit Freeze

An important new law takes place today for
residents of the state of New York. For the
first time, New Yorkers can "freeze" their
credit reports to unauthorized access.

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This law means that an identity thief can
not take advantage of the readily available
"instant" credit to quickly defraud you.

new york credit freeze law to fight identity theft

New York, however, joins a short list of
other states which have credit freeze laws
either on the books or have already enacted.

Only slightly less than half of the 50 states
within America have enacted credit freeze

Fortunately for New Yorkers now there is a
very effective deterrent to identity theft
and even better still its free to first time

And, a credit freeze does not lower your
credit score
which is used by lenders to
determine how much and what loan rates
you qualify for.

Plus, you can always temporarily "lift"
the credit freeze for specific lenders
you might be needing to apply for a loan

Either way, the credit freeze is a great
new option for you to control your credit
file access.

So, our tip for today is to run (don't walk)
to your nearest phone and contact any of the
three major credit bureaus to place a credit
freeze on your file.

Also, make sure you tell any friends or associates
of this important new development.


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous HeatherP said...

Thanks Agent99 for this special alert.

A co-worker friend of mine actually forwarded your article to me using the "tell-a-friend" feature.

I've been just too busy to read my newspaper, but email is one thing I check daily.

I'm glad New York finally has this credit freeze law so this gal is calling the credit bureau today before leaving work for the evening commute home.

Thanks again and you've made a believer out of me for these alerts.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger agent99 said...

Your welcome.

It is always a pleasure to hear the impact our work has to all of the readers that happen to find out about Id Theft Secrets Blog.

It's especially gratifying that you find the content timely and relevant in your quest to prevent identity theft and credit fraud.


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