Friday, June 24, 2005

Visa Cardholders - Shop Online & Offline with Zero Risk!

Did you know you can be protected from unauthorized
use of your Visa card or account information?

Coming on the heels of that 40 million credit card
account holder's theft reported this past Friday,
here's a nifty service already in place to aid
consumers to protect personal credit information.

According to Visa, you now have complete liability
protection from all of your card transactions which
take place over their network.

So, you pay nothing for any fraudulent activity should
an identity thief steal your card number while your
shopping both on-line or offline.

Visa's policy covers all Visa credit and debit cards
processed over the Visa network.*

Plus, Visa also offers protection for your existing card with a password you create to assure only you can use your Visa card online. This service is called Verified by Visa.

*Note, for more details & qualifications, please visit
Visa's website.

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