Saturday, June 04, 2005

A simple, Automated Method to Detect and Protect against Identity Theft

Regularly checking your credit report for changes you
did not make is one of the best ways to combat
identity theft.

Continuing with our recent reviews of major automation
methods to guard against identity theft and fraud, we
tried another one of the major players which we found
would be a valuable ally for your personal credit
information protection.

"Equifax Credit Watch™ makes monitoring your report
easy by automatically alerting you within 24 hours of
key changes in your Equifax Credit Report™ like when
someone tries to get credit in your name so you can
act before serious damage is done. And with credit
card fraud being the most common type of identity
theft, Equifax Credit Watch™ can now alert you to
sudden changes in your credit card balances."

The service also includes your Equifax Credit Report™,
identity theft insurance(up to $20,000 - exclusions
apply) and access to live customer support."

The email/wireless alerts, unlimited access to your
Equifax credit report, & up to $20,000 in identity
theft insurance (a down-loadable certificate is
available from their web site)were features we would
draw your attention to you when comparing other
competing services commercially available.

The Equifax Credit Watch™Gold service can be acquired
for just $9.95 per month (requires a 3 month minimum).

For more information on this credit identity theft prevention service check out our recommended resources section.

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