Monday, July 04, 2005

Start with One of the Most Pervasive Repositories...

Continuing with our series this month on public
repositories that you can thwart would be identity
thieves from using is the widely used service we all
love: Google.

That's right, Google has become an unfortunate ally
now to even identity thieves.

By cross referencing various 3rd party reverse phone
directories, Google provides an easy way for identity
thieves to quickly locate personal information
contained in numerous on-line phone directories.
Unfortunately, many of these services allow an identity
thief to cross reference your social security number
against the basic physical address where you live or
even your linked phone number.

So, before we expose the various reverse directory and
black lists, here's today's quick tip for wary
consumers to deny identity thieves your personal

Go to Google's Phonebook Name Removal page and fill
out the form on-line to get delisted. there's a
section for consumers or for business listings as

Special note, by filling out the form you're only
requesting Google to remove your phonebook listing for
any phonebook search on your phone number or name.

It does NOT however, eliminate your personal
information from the various phone book directories or
from other pages on the web or from other reverse
phone listing look-up services.

In the next few days we will disclose more sources and
tips to protect your personal and credit identity
information from id theft using the less obvious but repositories.

All provided as free education service courtesy of ID Theft Secrets blog.