Thursday, September 01, 2005

Avoiding Id Theft from Phony Jury Duty Calls

We recently learned of a new twist on identity theft.

Apparently id thieves are getting creative. For
example, in Utah, it was recently reported
by the Associated Press identity thieves have
impersonated court officials. Callers posing
as court officials accuse people of failing to comply
with jury duty.

Under the false threat of prosecution alleged by the
identity thieves, the consumer is instructed
to provide their confidential data such as social
security number over the phone.

The reality is that official contact by your local
court with prospective jurors is through U.S.P.S.
mail. Certainly, if court officials ever call you,
they will not request your social security number
(SSN) or your credit card number to pay a fine.

So, today's identity theft prevention tip from us is
simply to guard against releasing your personal
information to callers posing as officials of the
court in your area.

If the caller presses you for your SSN or credit card
number, simply hang up and contact your local
courthouse directly to verify your status for
outstanding jury duty.

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