Thursday, July 14, 2005

Turn the Online Reverse Directories Against ID Theft by...

Is someone out there using your name and personal
information against you?

Want to know by checking your own records using one of
the more comprehensive
online reverse directories publicly available over the

You can use a firm known as Intelius and their family safety service.

Search using your own social security number and find
out if there are other names associated with your

Intelius, will even allow you to search by unlisted,
non-published, & cell phone numbers. Once your basic
name & address is found, though, Intelius can
automatically search against public records data
available online.

Some of the data which can be quickly retrieved on
your file:

  • Name & Age Verification
  • Living Situation
  • Current Address Verification & Address History
  • Current Phone Verification
  • Criminal & Sex Offender Check
  • Child Support, Tax Liens & Bankruptcies
  • Current Property Ownership & Value

Of course, when you've conducted your personal check
and are satisfied your personal information has not
been used by an identity thief, we still recommend you
request your name to be removed from their file to
guard against future fraud against you.

The name removal request can be located here:

Once on that page, scroll down the page to the section
"How can I remove my information of Intelius public
records databases?".

Note, Intelius will require you to fax their completed form.