Thursday, September 15, 2005

ID Theft Prevention Win by Verizon Wireless

Here's an important development we just learned in what
may become a trend for firms to more aggressively protect
consumer information from identity theft and fraud.

With this week's favorable court decision for Verizon
Wireless, the largest U.S. provider with over 47
million subscribers, consumers actually received
an important win against identity theft.

Source Resource, a private investigation firm in
Cookeville, Tennessee, illegally acquired confidential
consumer information by posing as Verizon Wireless
customers using identifying information such
as the social security number and mother's maiden
name. Even worse, according to Verizon Wireless
Source Resources advertised on the Internet their
capability to find out consumer's wireless

With the court ruling, Verizon Wireless won the
request for a permanent injunction against Source
Resources as part of an agreed upon settlement. This
means that Source Resources also plans to work with
Verizon Wireless in "surrendering records of its
transactions and information about how it previously
obtained customer records."

Our id theft tip for today is to contact Verizon Wireless if
you are a subscriber and verify your personal
information on file and change your account access

Note, for Verizon Wireless subscribers you can contact
customer service from you cell phone by
dialing " *611 + Send ".

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