Monday, December 19, 2005

Identity Theft Win in Fresno

While most of the news about identity theft
is usually not positive, there are infrequent
"wins" like this one below.

In Fresno,CA, according to the local ABC news
affiliate, local police busted a large identity
theft ring with at least dozens of victims, possibly
as many as one hundred.

As these organized identity theft rings tend to
operate, this one was using a hotel as their base
in an attempt to mask their fraudulent activities
before moving on to another town.

But police, after receiving a stolen car tip, made
the arrest and found out just how large this ring's
recent activities were with stolen:

  • 300 credit cards
  • Passports
  • Driver licenses
  • Sophisticated equipment to make fake IDs
  • Thousands of dollars worth of stolen property

So, our tip for today is simply to guard your
sensitive documents and credit cards. Take only a single
credit card with you in your wallet on your daily commute
or shopping trips. Make sure that single credit card is
one which has a with low spending limit to help reduce
your potential losses from an identity thief.

When you exit your car make sure to take your purse or
wallet with you even during quick trips to the cleaners
as sophisticated identity theft rings employ specialists
called "collectors" whose job is to steal the source
data needed to manufacture fake IDs.

Use these tips and others you will find on our site
to reduce your chances of being "marked" as an easy
victim of identity theft.


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