Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Online ID Theft Protection Dell, PC World, & Microsoft Use

Get what Dell, Microsoft, & other leading firms use
for their anti-spyware protection!

This time of the year, on-line spending is arguably at
it's highest which also means the opportunity for
identity theft via "hidden" spyware is too.

In a recent poll conducted by the Kentucky County
Attorneys Association, Inc., consumers feel they are
more at risk of becoming victims of identity theft
than any other crime:

  • Robbery, burglary or mugging (31 percent)
  • Drug-related crime (19 percent)
  • Alcohol-related crime (10 percent)
  • Violent crime including assault, rape or murder
    (3 percent)

Spyware and adware is not only an invasion of your
privacy, but it's hard to remove. Dozens of spyware
programs are being created by bad guys every single day.

Spyware monitors your every keystroke and then reports
it a remote server. So, your passwords, account
numbers, and any personal information can be recorded
and sent anywhere in the world without your knowledge
to be abused by identity thieves.

Here's a fictional example of the type of stolen
personal information which was traded by the recently
shut down Shadow Crew website frequented by
international identity thieves.

Scary stuff - which is why we heartily recommend you
run multiple layers of defense against identity theft.
As part of that multi-layered defense, we know of
individuals who utilize several anti-spyware/firewall
products to thwart would be identity thieves from
stealing their on-line information.

Why use multiple tools?

Identity theft rings have been uncovered to be very
resourceful and fast moving. It stands to reason they
know full well what the major anti-theft tools are to
stop them and unfortunately how to beat or stay
ahead of them.

Which is why we've found a combination of the most
effective name brand and up & coming anti-spyware
tools are your best defense against being identified
as an easy mark to be victimized.

Here's a practical example:

We recently tested a fast emerging leader, Sunbelt
Software's CounterSpy, on one of our office personal
computers which already has well known brand X & Y
installed along with a full fledged firewall.

Not only did CounterSpy complete it's full disk scan
in 1/3rd the time, but it also identified two "hidden"
spyware programs the other leading tools had missed.

Our results, evidently, are not alone as PC World gave
CounterSpy 1.0 its highest rating in a head-to-head
comparison of seven anti-spyware utilities.

It's also the only anti-spyware tool which gets
regular threat database updates from three sources
(including Microsoft's own spyware research group).

Dell computer has even tested and recommends
CounterSpy, according to Sunbelt's website.

So, our tip for today is get your own 1-year
subscription now for just $20 with a 30-day
money back guarantee. (If you need a second
copy for another personal computer - it's
half price!)

It's one of the least expensive, full featured
insurance policies you can take to protect
you & your family members from on-line identity


At 5:48 AM, Anonymous cheap computers said...

Dozens of spyware
programs are being created by bad guys every single day.


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