Saturday, December 03, 2005

Id Theft Secrets Poll Results Indicate Content Satisfaction Exceeded Expectations

As a follow up to our announcement earlier this month,
we've compiled the results from our first subscriber survey
to measure overall satisfaction with our article content.

The results from a partial month are in and indicate
the vast majority of our readers who participated in
the satisfaction survey rated us as exceeding
expectations. Two thirds (67%) of those who
responded, indicated the daily article content
"significantly exceeded my expectations".

While this poll was unscientific in it's methodology,
we certainly believe the results are conclusive
evidence that our dedication to providing fresh,
concise, & helpful "how to" identity theft prevention
tips. We will continue to direct our efforts in
scouring the land for more interesting and highly
actionable content for our readers to continue to use.

In the coming weeks, we will rotate in additional mini
polls dedicated to our planned content topic expansion
and ask for your support to participate in helping to shape
the editorial to continue to meet your evolving needs for
identity theft secrets.

Finally, for all of those readers and subscribers who
participated in our initial poll, we "thank you" very
much for providing your valuable feedback.


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