Friday, November 18, 2005

Id Theft Secrets Now available on My AOL

Dear Readers:

For all of those who have requested identity theft secrets
from the major anonymous feeds, we have an important

As part of our commitment to providing quality identity theft
news and tips, we also highly value consumer privacy.

So, our site, we now offer two subscription options to our readers.
For those who prefer email, we offer a traditional
email enrollment form to receive spam free updates
to your inbox. For anonymous updates to our blog,
we offer RSS feeds from the leading providers where
we're distributed.

Along with Yahoo, Google, MSN, Feedburner and many
other leading RSS (Really Simply Syndication) providers,
you can now subscribe via My AOL.

For those new to RSS, it's merely a way to receive
updated changes automatically from your favorite
website publishers. It's different from email in that
you're not contending with your internet service
providers anti-spam filters for receipt - plus you
are in full control of the entire subscribe process.

Just click on this icon below to start receiving automatic
updates, anonymously, to our frequent content changes.

Add to My AOL

For all of our existing subscribers, we "thank you" for
your loyalty and appreciate your feedback to improve
our editorial efforts to continue meeting your needs for
highly relevant identity theft protection tips, reviews,
and resources.

Finally, tell your friends about us as we're growing and
will be very shortly expanding our coverage and offering
new features.


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