Saturday, November 19, 2005

Identity Theft Secrets Survey Launched

Attn: All Readers and Subscribers

A quick update from us to you on a free, new service
just launched from Identity Secrets blog.

We've introduced the first in a series of monthly
survey polls which will provide you the opportunity
to easily submit anonymous feedback to us on the
content we provide.

The initial poll, available effective immediately,
will measure your overall satisfaction with the
post content and drive future editorial decisions.
You will find the "live" poll located in the left sidebar
section entitled "Surveys & Polls".

At least once per month, we will publish the results to our
entire base of readers and subscribers.

Also, we plan to expand our topic coverage by
January '06 and will need your input on areas
you deem important to optimize for identity
theft. Here's just a select few we're considering:

  • Credit monitoring services
  • Privacy management solutions
  • Spyware/Adware removal
  • Online Bill Payment security
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer
  • Credit, Debit, & Gift card protection
  • Payday Loans & Predatory Lending abuse
  • Many more hidden areas you wouldn't think id thieves lurk
So, we ask that you participate - it's free, fast, easy &
private: meaning no one (including us) will ever know
your individual responses as they're automatically
aggregated with with all the other responses from others.

Thank you!


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