Thursday, February 16, 2006

Identity Theft using Latest Telemarketing Scam

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This is an scam alert for all consumers and especially
those residing in the states of Indiana, Michigan,
Ohio, Illinois and Wisconsin.

In this recent scam the identity thief calls unsuspecting
victims while claiming to be from the “Nationwide Verification
Office” or "Security Security Administration".

The identity theft then tells the consumer his or her
banking account information has been "posted on the Internet"
and asks the victim to "verify a bank account number to keep
it from getting into the wrong hands".

It appears this scam involves identity thieves who specifically
target the elderly.

So, our tip for today is simply warn any elderly family members
or friends of this identity theft scam. Let them know any
legitimate financial institution would never request their
bank account number in this manner.

Instead, inform that relative to hang up on the calling identity
thief and immediately report the incident to police.


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