Wednesday, March 08, 2006

17 Year Identity Theft by Estranged Father Results in Son's Bankruptcy

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In this sad, but true story, a father that left behind
an infant son used his social security number from 1982
to 1999 to obtain credit from merchants and lenders.

During that time, the father generated tens of thousands
of dollars in debts in his son's name. The father then
declared bankruptcy using his son's name and social
security number resulting in default judgements
(public court records) against the son.

The son, now 24, has worked tirelessly for eight
years to straighten out his credit record.

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America
and identity thieves are increasingly targeting children
for their clean credit and lack of criminal records.
Not to mention, the ability to go un-noticed for
years that the identity theft has even been
against the innocent and unsuspecting.

Far more alarming, though, is the fast growth rate of
identity theft being committed against children.

At least 400,000 children had their identities stolen
in 2005, more than double the number in 2003 according
to the ITRC. The ITRC estimates that two-thirds of child
identity thefts are perpetrated by family members.

Want to protect your children from identity theft?

Our tip for today, is to order copies of your children's
credit & public records profiles to verify there is NO
open or delinquent credit accounts as well as court
against them.

Additionally, to keep your children's credit identity
away from thieves, refuse to provide social security
numbers on forms when it is requested for non-crucial
activities such as sporting teams our recreational

And always, remember you (and your children) have
rights protected under various federal and state
level laws which protect your credit information
and provide you the opportunity to verify the
and sharing of your personal information.


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