Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Identity Theft Warning on Phony IRS Tax Refunds

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With the prime tax filing season already well underway,
the general public is warned against a renewed attack
by identity thieves posing as Internal Revenue Service
(IRS) representatives seeking your social security number
(SSN) and credit card information.

The most recent scam involves attempts by identity thieves
using phony emails designed to steal legitimate taxpayer's
personal information to commit fraud in the following ways:

  1. File fraudulent tax returns
  2. Apply for new loans in your name
  3. Run up charges on existing credit card accounts

The fake email the identity thieves are using claims to
come from "tax-refunds@irs.gov". It informs the
intended victim he/she is eligible to receive a tax
refund for a given amount. It then instructs the
unwary victim to supply their personal and financial
information to a linked form from inside the "phishing"

Bottom line here folks, is the IRS does NOT ever request
this type of information via an unsolicited email.
Plus, taxpayers who are expecting a refund do NOT have
to complete a special web form in order to receive their

At the time of fax filing, you select your refund options
to receive a paper check or direct deposit into your
checking account.

After that step, you're done.

So, our tip for today is, to not open any emails or
attachments you receive supposedly from the IRS.
Instead, delete them and contact the IRS directly
by phone at 1-800-829-1040 to report this identity
theft fraud attempt.

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