Wednesday, February 22, 2006

$1.5 Million Identity Theft Bust of Retired Policeman

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Priests, kids, and now a retired policeman as identity thieves.
The common element in all of these recent articles we've
published is the surprise and shock of the victims to these
identity theft crimes.

This latest one started with a California man being surprised
to learn he was served with foreclosure papers on a property
he never even knew he purchased. At least, the foreclosed
property was listed in his credit report, but the identity
thief who stole it was collecting the rent money each

That's not all, as police investigators found a total of (3)
homes in the identity theft victim's name totallying
more than $1.5 million in outstanding debt.

As reported, the identity thief was a retired policeman
who used his credit repair business to conduct this
particular crime against the California man. The identity
thief forged signatures of a real estate agent and escrow
officer as well as enlisted the the aid of a notary to
commit this identity theft and subsequent multi property

So, our tip for today is why settle for being surprised
by identity theft? Better still, avoid the magnitude of
a large identity theft purchase being committed against
you by adopting an automatic credit monitoring solution
which can alert you to highly unusual purchases -or-
irregular activity involving your credit and public

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