Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Teen Responsible for Largest Identity Theft

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"Here's another quick audio podcast tip from Id Theft Secrets blog.

A 17 year old North Carolina teen was recently arrested, in what authorities
claim was the largest identity theft case in the county surrounding Rocky Mount.

That the teen is accused of 115 counts of identity theft fraud
totallying over $100,000 in merchandise acquired falsely.

It seems, as reported by NBC17.com, the teen acquired many of his victims
personal information by stealing mail from residential boxes and to assume their
identities to subsequently get credit cards.

We surmise, the young lad had time, to intercept the loaded mailboxes he
passed by on the way home from school everyday.

So, our tip for today, is secure your mail. Get a lockeable mailbox where
only you or your direct family members can access the incoming mail.
Also, while it may be convenient for you, do not leave outgoing mail for your
postman in your un-locked mailbox.

A professional identity thief, or even an unsophisticated identity "collector" like
the 17 year old teen in North Carolina can easily capture all the
required, sensitive personal information needed to quickly commit financial fraud
in your name.

This has been another quick podcast tip from Id Theft Secrets blog.

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