Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Woman Loses Job from Identity Theft

Want to know the importance of checking your
non-credit information for any id theft instances?

A Massachusetts woman was fired from her job of
only three weeks after a routine background check reveals
her name was associated with a 10 page history of crime.

She wasn't a criminal, but it turns out that an identity
thief had stolen her driver's license many years ago and
had given it to police when arrested.

Or, how about another Massachusetts woman who never
had problems finding work until 5 years ago when she started
mysteriously getting rejected by employers from job applications.
After being turned down for legitimate work, she evidently had no
other recourse than to settle for menial jobs far below her experience
just to survive.

These stories and more have become a growing problem in America
as more companies, fueled by laws actually designed to protect
citizens, frequently utilize background checks on prospective employees.

A survey last year by the Society for Human Resource
Management found that 68 percent of personnel
officers said they always perform criminal checks
on applicants
....... as well as examine credit and
driving records where applicable.
Fear of lawsuits against their company is most likely the primary driver.

No wonder, as an example, FedEx Corp. was accused earlier this
month in a lawsuit of hiring a sex offender who was later charged
with molesting an 8-year-old boy while at work in Fairfield, Conn.

Unfortunate as it may be, your background report holds more weight
than the sum total of all of your experience listed on a resume.

Do you want to not leave your ability to pay the rent up to a hidden
identity thief's
misdeeds against you. Or, how about just simple
instances of errors or old
misdemeanors which were not expunged
from your record, but could cost you
your job…and future jobs?

Our tip for today, is to start the new year on a identity theft free

Get an exhaustive public information profile (PIP) run against
your name.

Your PIP will reveal any criminal records, past judgements, & much
more critical information NOT found in your typical credit report
which can harm your employment ability.

We recommend you get one done today.


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