Thursday, December 29, 2005

Missing SSN and Credit Card Data Disclosure by Marriott

206,000 time-share owners, customers, & Marriott
employees data missing. The data includes social security
numbers and credit card account information.

This Wednesday, according to the Washington Post, a
mid November incident involving a missing backup
computer tape containing the highly sensitive personal
information treasured by identity thieves has resulted
in Marriott issuing disclosure letters last Saturday to the
affected consumers.

The incident, involving Marriott's Vacation Club International
unit based in Orlando, Florida, prompted disclosures to

"time- share owners, customers and the division's employees
to be on the alert for changes to their credit histories or

To Marriott's credit they are offering free credit
monitoring services to those consumers who have been
affected even though so far there has been no evidence
reported that identity theft has occurred.

So, our tip for today, is to notify any family members
or associates of Marriott's Vacation Club and let them
know they should contact Marriott directly for more
information on the free credit monitoring service available.

Additionally, it would be prudent for them to also consider
placing a fraud alert with the 3 major national credit bureaus
on their credit card account associated with Marriott's
Vacation Club.


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