Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ABN Amro Found Lost Personal Identity Info Tape

As an update to a widely reported mishap involving ABN
Amro Mortgage Group,the company reported yesterday
on their special website the "lost" data tape has been

The tape included the personal information of their
residential mortgage customers:

  • Names
  • Account information
  • Payment history
  • Social Security Numbers (SSN)

It was lost after after pickup from ABN Amro's data
center while in transit by the DHL courier to Experian.

But, due to the elapsed length of time (first reported
missing Nov. 18, 2005) and the fact the missing tape
contained highly sensitive personal information valued
by identity thieves, ABN Amro is taking a proactive
approach to aiding the consumers who could be effected
by this potential security breach.

According to ABN Amro consumers effected by this
security breach are eligible for 1 year of free credit
monitoring through TransUnion.

This time period was extended from their initial 90
day free period offered.

So, our tip for today is in support of ABN Amro
mortgage customers to contact the company if you have
not received a notification letter. You have the right to find
out whether your personal information was on the "missing"

For LaSalle Bank (IL): 1-866-904-7222
For LaSalle Bank (IN & MI): 1-866-732-6555
For ABN AMRO Mortgage Group:
1-800-783-8900 (Option #2)

Please note, you will need to have your mortgage
number available in order for the Customer Service
representative to assist you.

Finally, if you know of any loved ones or associates
who may be customers of ABN Amro Mortgage, please
feel free to contact them directly or forward this article
to them to take action to protect themselves from potential
identity theft.


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