Monday, January 09, 2006

ATM Fraud Identity Theft Caught on Video

Identity thieves will go to great lengths to
steal your personal information to commit
fraud under your name.

This graphic is of an actual ATM
scam captured by security video.
It was forwarded to us by one of our
law enforcement friends this weekend.

In this picture, the unsuspecting victim
has already inserted his card into the "rigged" ATM slot.
However, the victim is confused by the ATM machine capturing
his card without the opportunity to conduct a normal banking

The thief, in the dark shirt, while posing as just another
citizen, offers to help the guy who's recognized his card
is now stuck in the ATM. The identity thief convinces
the victim he can help him retrieve his card if victim
enters his personal identifying code (pin) code while
the thief simultaneously holds down the "cancel" and
"enter" buttons on the ATM.

After several "failed" attempts to successfully retrieve
the "stuck" ATM card, both the victim and the helpful
citzen (aka, the "thief") give up and exit the area.

But, then the thief and/or his "look out "
accomplice quickly return to retrieve the
"stuck" card and their previously planted
capture strip known as a "loop".

Want to prevent this type of shocking
story from happening to you or your
loved ones? A co-worker? Or, a friend?

Our tip for today, is to lessen your potential for this type of
identity theft with the following steps:

Only use ATMs that are in an exposed area, making it more
difficult for the thief to set up the trap. Preferably, only use
ATMs located outside of a bank branch entrance.

Run your index or pinkie finger along the lip of the ATM
card slot prior to insertion so that you can feel for any
foreign objects, such as the "loop" that would be glued
in the slot where your card goes.

If someone offers to "help" you with a stuck card, refuse to
input your pin code. Instead seek immediate assistance
from the bank staff. Use the customer service phone typically
located adjacent to the ATM area.

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At 7:34 PM, Anonymous CreditInstructor said...

What a trick!
He looks like professional… I hate such guys, you know, impudent, aggressive, and eager to steel my money.


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