Friday, February 17, 2006

Identity Theft Suspected of Priest

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In support of National Consumer Protection Week we
continue our all podcasts focus for prevention tips for
you to reduce your potential to falling victim to identity
theft fraud.

Today's audio article we have an unusual
twist on identity theft that we have
never ever learned of before in all the
years we've been in operation.

A Wisconsin priest is accused by a
fellow priest co-worker of identity
theft leading to unauthorized
purchases of computer and exercise
equipment totallying to $3,600.

There was a time in this country when
you could at least trust your local

It seems, according to this story, that
time is long past and suggests anyone
now can become an identity thief -or-
id theft victim regardless of how they
may publicly appear.

As we've reported in another of our
recent articles involving a 17 year
old, the face of the typical identity
thief simply mirrors the general
population of America.

Why, because identity theft has become
such a pervasive crime effecting millions
of Americans in every state across all
economic and social groups.

Want to take back control from the
many institutions & people which may
not hold your best interests in mind
regarding your sensitive personal

Our tip for today is place your trust
in proactive monitoring to prevent
detect and limit the financial impact
of identity theft.

Remember - deny and limit identity theft
opportunities from happening to you!

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