Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Identity Theft Scam on Scam with Visa and Mastercard

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Here's a special alert to the millions of Visa or Mastercard account holders
who are targets of a "double scam" perpetrated
by identity thieves with a
creative flair.

This double scam starts with you receiving an unsolicited phone
call using a spin on the "pretexting" method of fraud.

The phone caller tells you they're a Visa or Mastercard employee
who's confirming unusual spending activity on your account.

The caller then requests your special code on the back of your
credit card. Note, the calling identity thief may sound very
confident and official by even disclosing how the supposedly
"fraudulent spending activity" appeared on your account.

For example, "...the charges we have seen with many account
holders are typically under $499 so as not to raise your
suspicions...."it's usually indicated as an anti-marketing
device or service...."

Our tip for today is to NOT provide your 3 or 4 digit security
code to unsolicited callers - ever!

Instead, immediately hang up and call Visa or Mastercard directly
as there's a strong chance the calling identity thief may already
possess your account number (see our recent article on how this
happened), but needs your security code to rapidly run up
fraudulent charges in your name.

To phone Visa and Mastercard's emergency customer service centers
please refer to these toll free numbers:

  • Visa - (800) 847-2911
  • Mastercard - (800) 622-7747


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