Tuesday, April 04, 2006

$1 Million Identity Theft by a Single Woman

$1-Million-Identity-Theft-by-a-Single-Woman-audio post - click to play

Identity thieves have proven themselves to be resourceful.
In the case of an Colorado woman, a single identity thief
managed to purchase (4) homes totaling $946,000 in loans.

The identity thief allegedly has 13 different aliases which
illustrates just how resourceful this sole individual was
in assuming multiple identities as part of her crime spree
against unsuspecting victims.

It seems, the identity thief even impersonated the victim
during the real estate transactin so as to insure she would
collect fees as a mortgage broker.

However, this identity thief was caught. But the identity
theft victim is now saddled with (4) homes on her credit
that she neither purchased nor has a need for.

So, our tip for today is to frequently check not only your
credit report, but also your public records profile for
any unusual claims against your name.

It might just save you from suffering a unjust, but very
large liability not at all easily erased from your credit.


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