Thursday, August 17, 2006

Identity Theft Busted City Alderman facing $1,000,000 Fine

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In the middle aged times in England, an alderman could be defined
as "a noble of high rank or authority". However, in present day
America one alderman was just the opposite with his arrest for
multiple felony charges including identity theft.

It seems, this Moss Point, Mississippi alderman was arrested
combining identity theft and bank fraud in relation to
operation of his auto dealership.

Because the alderman and alleged identity thief was charged with
13 counts of various felonies, if convicted he is facing a stiff
penalty for his crimes.

All totalled, this latest identity thief could be facing 30 years in
prison and also having to pay a hefty fine of $1,000,000.

Unfortunately for fellow law abiding citizens, this is not the
first incident of an automobile dealership harboring employees
who turned to identity theft.

In March of this year, we exposed a story about an auto
salesman who turned out to be an identity thief:

"..a car salesman in suburban Chicago
has been charged with felony financial
identity theft by authorities after a
search warrant of his home reveals
showing another man's
personal information
was used to
setup cable, Internet and

So, our tip for today is to always be wary with whom you
provide your most sensitive personal information to;
especially your social security number and/or driver's
license information.

An identity thief has proven to be just about anyone
in America - even a city alderman.


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Who ever said politics is not for the meek of heart?


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