Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Car Purchase Identity Theft of Wheelchair Bound Woman

Identity theft criminals have proven again
they have no shame as a crippled, wheelchair
bound woman was recently served with an overdue
bill for a car purchase she didn't even buy.

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Evidently, a wiley identity thief had somehow managed
to acquire some very basic personal information on the
woman & subsequently used in an obvious scam attempt.

Posing as a bill collector acting on behalf of the original
debtor, AutoPrime, made repeated phone requests to
the wheelchair bound woman to pay off an auto
purchase bill of $5,537 she allegedly co-signed

The "bill collector" never provided any proof her
signature had been used nor any original billing
statements for the car she supposedly bought.

Just a lump sum amount was ever provided.

But, it seems, the phone caller became very specific
when requesting the following highly confidential
data from the disabled woman:

  • Social Security Number (ssn)
  • Date of Birth (dob)
  • Bank Account Number

However, this woman may have been physically
disabled to the point of not being to operate a car,
but she was not in anyway mentally incapacitated
as she put the would be identity thief in a
defensive position
with her own line of

"What car? Where is this car?

I do not own a car."

"I said no and hung up."

The disabled woman even filed a claim with the Better
Business Bureau who's investigating in her local area.

So, our tip for today is for you to share this story
with any loved ones or associates who like this
elderly disabled lady, can fight back against
be identity thieves seeking your
personal information

Question any unsolicited phone callers requesting
your highly confidential personal information - especially
if they are attempting to pressure you over the phone
without provding any valid written proof.

Besides, you have rights protected under the federal
government which prevent debt collector's from
continually harassing you unfairly.


At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why this could have happened to my mother or quite frankly anyone's mother.

Thank goodness that lady was feisty enough to stop the thieves from getting her full identity information.

I hope they cripple the guy who was stealing from her.

See how he'd like it serving out his prison time as a convicted identity theft criminal.....in a wheelchair.

At 9:00 PM, Blogger agent99 said...

Anonymous said...

Why this could have happened to my mother or quite frankly anyone's mother.

Yes, you are absolutely right!

It can happen to anyone, unless you are prepared and are aware of the the common scam tactics used by identity theft criminals.

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