Wednesday, May 23, 2007

North Dakota Will Freeze June 1st

No, there is not another ice age coming - but rather a major new
consumer protection law which takes effect very soon in North

Starting June 1st, North Dakota residents can opt to have a credit
freeze put on their credit file with each of the three major credit
bureaus which maintain national files covering millions of

Once the credit freeze has been set up, your file cannot be shared
with potential new creditors without your consent.

The credit freeze is designed to deny identity thieves from opening
up a new credit account even if they some how get their hands on
your name and Social Security number (SSN).

Next to fraud alerts and credit monitoring, a credit freeze is one
of the single most effective ways to deny your credit from
being abused by identity thieves.

So, our tip for today is directed to residents of North Dakota.

Contact any of the three major credit bureaus to get your credit
file "frozen" June 1st. While it is provided free to victims of
identity theft, there is a $5 fee per person per credit bureau
for all those who have not already been victimized.

Even at $15 total for all three national credit bureaus, it still
one of the least costly but effective means of insurance you can
get this year.

For further information to freeze your credit file, contact:

Experian Security Freeze
PO Box 9554
Allen, TX 75013
(972) 390-4172

Equifax Security Freeze
PO Box 105788
Atlanta, GA 30348

TransUnion Security Freeze
PO Box 6790
Fullerton, CA 92834-6790
(888) 909-8872

Make sure to tell your friends & relatives
living in North Dakota about this important
new protective right to stop identity theft.


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