Thursday, September 06, 2007

Identity Theft of Blind Aunt by Nephew

A blind New York state woman became the unsuspecting victim
of her nephew's identity theft against her. Fortunately,
he was arrested this past Tuesday for allegedly stealing
thousands of dollars in fraudulent credit and atm card

"According to, the identity thief nephew stole
more than $6,000 in unauthorized credit card charges and
more than $2,000 unauthorized ATM withdrawals were made
without her knowledge, police said.

After a friend helped Pajkowski's aunt review her records,
she realized someone had been making unauthorized
from her bank account as well as charges
to her Chase credit card.

She told police in July, initiating an investigation."

So, our tip for today is to guard well your financial
well being. Make sure to protect your elderly relatives
from fraud which unfortunately comes all too frequently now
from other relatives or other trusted individuals known by
the identity theft victims.

Finally, an important reminder to check for - not all identity theft
fraud is strictly limited to credit. Identity theft criminals know
most unsuspecting victims do not know their right to inspect their
public records.

Those who do, however, find their public records identity is even
more scattered than with credit data, typically residing across over
400 unique repositories.

To ease the heavy burden of attempting to quickly find that identity
thief who has either used your name to avoid an arrest warrant or
to get free medical insurance coverage, or even get a new job - you
need an edge.

An edge which the major credit bureaus and banks were never
designed to provide you.

Get your public information profile checked out at least twice per
year to insure you will not be the very next victim to identity theft
which can cost you your job or even send you to jail for someone
else's misdeeds using your name.


At 1:36 PM, Anonymous CarlE said...

That's really low - stealing from your own relative - who's blind.

They should send that guy to jail and make him walk around all day and night with a blindfold on.

That will teach him and all other would be identity thieves a lesson.

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

..only in America.

At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Mister Ed said...

I vote for bed pan duty instead.

Let me serve his blind aunt 3 times a day as pay back.


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