Thursday, August 24, 2006

Daughter Makes Her Mom First Identity Theft Victim

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A 24 year old New Hampshire woman was
indicted last week
for identity theft after
opening three different credit cards
her mother's name.

Allegedly, the daughter told police when she
was caught she hoped the whole situation
would "just take care of itself".

Her mother, however, saw the identity theft results
much differently.

The mom only found out about her daughter's identity theft
against her when her home loan was rejected because mom's
credit score was judged to be "too low".

This was due in part to over $13,000 in fraudulent
the daughter ran up over a 1 year period
using dear ole mom's credit.

The end result of this sordid affair is mom's credit has been
dealt a serious setback. But, her daughter is now facing the
prospect of some very serious prison time with the three
fraudulently opened credit card accounts being
a felony
offense each.

So, our tip for today is no one can assume they are safe from
identity theft. Unfortunately, many times victims of identity
theft may actually known the criminal who stole their personal
information. Whether it was a close relative or co-worker
looking to get even with you for some past slight, it pays to
be constantly on guard for that unsuspecting identity thief
looking for the opportunity to ruin your financial future.

To guard against this happening to you, take these
simple, but
effective steps:

  • "Freeze" your credit report (where valid by state)
  • Enroll in automatic credit monitoring including alerts
  • Opt out from prescreen credit marketing lists
  • Select online statements for your credit cards
  • Shred any credit applications mailed containing your name
  • Install a lockable mailbox to prevent mail theft
  • Check your social security benefits for any duplicate names
And as always, feel free to share these tips with a friend
or loved one.


At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a parent, this podcast article really saddens my heart to know a daughter is that susceptible to becoming an identity theft criminal.

What this story tells me, along with the others you've exposed about priests, policeman, kids, etc., is identity theft is a crime of opportunity (vast) which mirrors our society's decline in ethics.

Given that we have little control over other people's greed, your recent comments are well recieved about taking our own financial destiny firmly under control.

Thanks for your articles and podcast tips.

I, for one, plan to use all of them I can to prevent identity theft from happening to me.

At 12:38 AM, Anonymous WorkingMom311 said...

Boy, this young lady actually has managed to do the impossible: make Anne Coulter look like less of a cold, heartless woman.


At 6:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My father is going through a similar problem. He has been through several operations due to his heart and diagnosed with lung cancer. He has been told that he has a year to live.
My youngest sister had the nerve while my dad was in the hospital had obtained his SS# and used it toward her advantage.
It was dicussed with within the family that he was going to move. It was ok with 3 of 4 kids.
My father later found out through the selling of his home that my sisters name was on the deed and no longer able to sell his home(the forth kid).Due to her actions his situation now lays with the court system which we all no can be very unfair to those who are living led alone dead. Basically things are over with the deposition and now she has a lawyer which at the beging she represented herself. She is stalling the system on her fathers behalf which his time is running out. And the court system here is STUPID. And my sister is trying to tie this up in the courts knowing that the clock is ticking. My father is retired U.S. Army. Served in vietnam and spent alot of his time oversees and away from his family. He also put another 20 years working civil service which he also retired from. Since his wife passed away has dedicated his life to his four children. Being the only male child feel that his last moments on this earth should be for him to enjoy. But this is making more stress than he deserves and would like to know if any thing else that we can do to resolve this without taking matters into my own hands? dont know how a daughter can do this to her own father? This is not the first time this sister has done this same thing, her and her husband had done this to her husband father but he had passed and did not know that this occurred until the will was read. Hope that someone can give me some sugguestion as to how to resolve this quickly. Thank you for your time Aloha

At 1:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah well for me its the opposite. I just turned 20 and THOUGHT I was about to produce my very first line of credit. Later I find out when I was 18 my mom had used my name for credit because she had dugg her own hole and wasnt good with credit. I havnt told her I knew but I am not going down without taking her with me. I'm sorry but it goes both ways. I got a call from a creditor yelling at me because I wont pay off my credit when I didnt know I had credit nore 900 worth of debt.


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