Friday, September 14, 2007

Identity Thief Attempts to Hide from Murder

In New York state, a man who had attempted
to hide his true identity by using another,
gets convicted for 300 years in prison in
the murder of a policemen.

According to Newsday, the murderer turned
identity theft criminal's story took a
strange turn:

"...he was arrested for the slaying of
New Hartford Police Officer Joseph Corr
after a million-dollar jewelry store
robbery in February 2006.

Davis was convicted in April of second-
degree murder under Healy's name. It was
not until just before sentencing that
authorities learned his true identity.

The real Healy reported his personal
information stolen in late 2005."

To illustrate how easy it is for dangerous
criminals to use someone else's legitimate
identity in avoiding an arrest, the story

"Several police witnesses testified that
Davis signed John Healy's name to several
fingerprint cards when his arrest was being
processed. Other witnesses recalled finding
two counterfeit driver's licenses in Davis'
pocket that indicated he was John Healy.

Hameline said it was also important to clear
the name of the real John Healy."
This story is one very crucial reminder to us all
of just how important it is to understand the dangers
of identity theft extend far beyond merely credit.

So, our tip for today is to guard against the potential
for false arrest and imprisonment due to the misdeeds
of an identity theft.

Get your public information profile checked out to insure
you have not already fallen victim to an identity thief
with an arrest in your name.

Failing to do so, could cost you your freedom or job
if not both.


At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agent99, this is very scary to know some murderer could be out there using my good name - setting me up for an arrest.

I'm sure glad you posted this article and tip for how to check out your public record.

I wouldn't have even thought of this as identity theft - that is more scary than some thief just opening up a credit account using my name.

Getting arrested for some other guys is just scarier.

I'm going to get my public information profile first thing tomorrow morning as you suggested.

Thanks again and keep up the great work.


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