Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Reducing Identity Theft Potential from Katrina

Know of any loved ones who've been effected by
Hurricane Katrina?

Credit and identity problems have quickly emerged as
added big problems for the Katrina victims. Identity
thieves know Katrina victims are easy and
unfortunately plentiful targets for credit fraud.

Lifelock, an Arizona based company which claims to be
the country's first and only preventative identity
theft solution, introduced earlier this month
a FREE, no obligation service especially for Katrina

The company will place statements on all victim's
credit reports stating the consumer is a victim of the
hurricane and asks the lender to take into account
should their credit score decline. Additionally,
Lifelock will place fraud alerts on all credit bureaus
requiring any business attempt to pull a credit file
to contact the account holder directly.

This new service is part of the core Lifelock
capability to force banks to contact consumers
directly before issuing credit. According to
Lifelock, the company is so sure it's service is
effective, they offer a $1 million guarantee to cover
legal and expenses if a problem ever did occur for one
of their consumers.

For more information on this service, contact Lifelock
on the web or call toll free at 877 LIFELOCK.

Today's tip is to contact any relatives or friends
who've been negatively impacted by Katrina and tell
them about the FREE Lifelock offer.

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