Monday, October 10, 2005

Six Crucial Items for Comprehensive ID Theft Protection

Save time and money with full service identity theft
prevention and asset protection service

It now costs on average $1,500 and 175 hours to
recover from identity theft according to recent
figures reported by leading experts.

After researching the various services available to
help you guard against identity theft,
we've really felt the need to inform you about the
need for a comprehensive coverage
which can be tailored to meet your needs.


There are many services which only offer credit
reports and or monitoring. There's even a select
few which now offer credit and full public information
reporting combined.

But there's only one that we know of which effectively
combines credit reporting with your asset
(checking, savings, etc.) monitoring backed up by
identity theft insurance plus customer service.

EverydayWealth, an Austin, Texas based firm, is that source.

All of these five services combined are included into
a single, low subscription price for what you would
pay for just accessing your credit report elsewhere

  1. Credit Report - available each month with out
    negatively impacting your credit score
  2. Consumer Alerts - timely advice on avoiding the
    latest scams and rip-offs
  3. Internet & Identity Theft Insurance Coverage of
    - Covers lost wages to fight identity theft
  4. Wealth Monitor - Monitor all your accounts online
    anytime from a single highly secure webpage
  5. Guidance Center - personalized assistance and
    instruction available ten hours daily during weekdays
  6. Guarantee - No Risk, satisfaction guarantee

So, today's tip is check out this valuable service as
one of your best, single options to deploy your very
own comprehensive id theft prevention tool to save
yourself much time and money while growing your assets.

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