Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Identity Theft Prevention Ask your Doctor..

In some states, the practice of "don't ask, don't tell"
seems to be the business rule for identity theft
disclosure to consumers.

Earlier this year, the personal data of 185,000
current & former patients of the San Jose Medical
Group were put at risk for identity theft
when the two
computers which housed the information were stolen.

Because the medical group was located in California,
which has a disclosure law, the consumers received
letters notifying them their social security numbers
(SSN) and confidential medical information had been
inadvertently exposed to identity theft.

Yet, if that same medical group was located in a
different state where there was either no disclosure
law or even one which held exemptions for medical
providers, the consumers at risk would've had to find
out first they've been victimized before they could
even inquire.

So, today's tip is ask your medical provider what
steps they utilize to lock up at night and secure your
sensitive personal information. As always, though, we
further recommend you incorporate into your
id theft prevention strategy a multi layered
monitoring solution (see our recommended resources
section for a few great options).

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