Wednesday, October 19, 2005

4 Id Theft Protection Tactics for Your Children

There's a 1 in 5 chance that your college aged or
younger children could be an identity theft victim
according to the Federal Trade Commission (F.T.C.)

That is if, if you were even aware of it or possessed
enough information to even file a criminal report.

According to the F.T.C., 60% of all identity thefts
are not even reported to authorities.

As a follow to our recent article we're alerting our
readers to a positive, new development in your fight
against identity theft involving under age family members.

For added protection against identity theft, just
last week an Arizona based firm known as LifeLock launched
a unique identity theft prevention program for children.

Starting this past Tuesday, existing and new LifeLock
subscribers can add identity theft prevention services for minors
16 years or younger for $10 annually.

A quick highlight of the LifeLock service reveals they will:

  1. Check credit reports every ninety days to ensure there
    is no activity.
  2. Place fraud alerts on credit reports, stating that
    this is a minor child and that no activity should
  3. Check for any new open checking accounts.
  4. Obtain a work history from the Social Security
    Administration to ensure that no income is being
    reported on your child's SSN.

So, today's tip is merely to consider enrolling with
this first of it's kind new service for children.
For more information, refer to Lifelock's website.

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