Thursday, March 09, 2006

Identity Theft Risk at Verizon Communications

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An undisclosed number of Verizon Communications
current and former employees personal information
were reported at risk for identity theft resulting
from (2) laptops stolen from a company facility.

Sidenote, Verizon Communications had
210,000 employees as of 2004.

The laptops, according to the story based on
a recent Wall Street Journal report, may have
contained highly sensitive personal
including social security

"Verizon employees were informed March 1st in
a letter from company executives the theft
appears to be random and the laptops were
password protected."
It was not clear, however, if the personal
data stolen was also encrypted.

Employees are recommended to
take advantage
of a "free" use
of credit monitoring

Our tip for today, is for any Verizon
Communication's employees both past
and present, to contact Verizon for
the credit monitoring offer to limit
the potential impact of this identity
theft security breach.

Also, please contact any friends or
former associates
to let them know
of this identity theft alert as well.

Check back soon for more developments
on this identity theft event which
from past observations holds all the
appearances of being still under
investigation by authorities.


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