Monday, April 10, 2006

Identity Theft Powered by iPod

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What some may consider to be an
identity theft case involving
a very brazen criminal, a
San Francisco man was arrested
who was in possession of over
500 names and credit card

Included in the list of names
were a California congressman
and even a San Francisco FBI

But, the real twist to this
story, was the identity thief
stored many of the stolen id's
on his iPod
. At the time of
this article, it had not been
determined if the iPod was
stolen either.

Plus, this identity thief used
the stolen credit to finance
stays for months at first
class hotels in San Francisco's
upscale Nob Hill district.

When arrested, the identity thief
had just accepted delivery of
computer equipment ordered using
a man's information which had
been reported stolen from his
wallet located in his car.

So, our tip for today, is to
guard your personal data well.
Make sure to password protect
and encrypt your electronic
data on consumer electronic
devices like cellphones or
mp3 players.

Never leave a wallet or other
personal items(laptops or iPods)
inside your automobile within
plain view - even for a short


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