Friday, June 16, 2006

7,800 University of Kentuckian's Personal Identity Exposed in 2 Separate Incidents

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While the president of the university recieves a six figure
($115,000) bonus making him the highest paid public
university head in the state, 7,800 current and former
students most sensitive personal data was exposed to
identity theft.

It seems 6,500 students personal data was contained on
a portable computer drive which was taken from a faculty
member's classroom. While the official number of students
may ultimately be lower, the university has elected to attempt
to notify all of the potential effected students as the computer
drive which was "taken" contained information dating back
to 1988

Plus, last month the personal information of 1,300 current and
former employees was available on a UK Web site for three
weeks before it was discovered and removed.

The type of in depth personal information sought after by
identity thieves which was exposed included:

  • Social Security Numbers (ssn)
  • Phone Numbers
  • E-mail addresses
All of this while the president of the university was getting a
pay raise percentage higher than the rest of the staff.

So, our tip for today is to minimally seek out a credit report
review and preferably the placement of a fraud alert with
any one of the three major credit bureaus if you are a
current -or- former student of the University of Kentucky.

Finally, make sure to tell a friend about this important alert
if they are an alumni of the University of Kentucky who may
be negatively impacted by this identity theft.


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