Thursday, June 08, 2006

Id Theft Suspect Robs 4 Banks in Single Day Without Guns or Threats

Id-Theft-Suspect-Robs-4-Banks-in-Single-Day-Without-Guns-or-Threats audio post - click to play

Authorities are offering a $1,000 reward for
anonymous information on this identity thief.

A resourceful id thief in one single day managed to
withdraw the equivalent of most people's entire year's
income from banks in Arizona.

But how could this happen so easily and quickly?

The identity thief had all of his victim's
information - even including the
man's driver's license but with the thief's
photo on it instead.

This bold identity thief evidently walked into the
banks and simply changed the legitimate
holder's mailing address and
even the victim's
personal identification
number (pin)
used typically to access ATM

Even more surprising, was this identity thief does
not reside in Arizona, but rather lives in Florida.

Apparently he was in Arizona visiting -or- should we
say on a "shopping" trip.

The police believe this identity thief either had the
help of a bank insider or knew the victim first hand.

So, our tip for today is to assist law enforcement
with the apprehension of this identity theft
fraudster. Contact the anonymous tip line at
88-CRIME in the Tucson, Arizona area if you know
the whereabouts of this bold identity thief.

Your information could lead to a $1,000 reward.


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