Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Identity Theft Victim before Preschool

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Think back to a more gentler time 25 years
or more ago about your earliest recollections
as a child.

Perhaps you can recall your first spoken words or
the joy your parents had from you taking your very
first steps toward walking upright.

Now, suddenly fast forward to the present day and
consider the shocking reality your child can easily
become an identity theft victim even before they
start pre-school.

That's right folks. Your child's financial
can be materially damaged if
not destroyed by a
stranger well in
advance of them being able to
qualify for loans and credit cards needed
for college.

Case in point, a two year old Utah girl was recently
documented as being the identity theft victim
of a 36 year old man she never has even met.

It seems, the identity thief gained possession
of the 2 year old gir's social security number
(ssn) by purchasing it from a black market
which peddles stolen personal information.

Children are increasingly becoming the victims
of identity theft as the criminals know it may
take years before the evidence of the id theft
fraud is revealed.

Nationally, it is a big problem with over 2
million children effected annually.

So, our tip for today is to take action against
would be identity thieves lurking to commit
credit fraud to ruin your children's financial
future. Check out this company, Lifelock, we
briefly reviewed last year.

According to Lifelock, they claim to be the
only service "offers protection for kids
under the age of 16 for only $10 per
and that comes with our $1
million guarantee."

As part of Lifelock's service credit reports,
checking accounts, & work benefits from the
Social Security Administration are periodically
checked on behalf of your under age child.

While you could certainly do most of these
tasks yourself, for $10 annually per child
it may be worthwhile to consider the
convenience of an automatic service like


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