Wednesday, April 19, 2006

High Tech Mobile Identity Theft

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The ever resourceful identity thief now has
become more mobil and high tech

Case in point, a pair of identity thieves now
in custody, had set up a high tech computer
operation based in a Washington state motel.
It seems the two identity thieves were fully
equipped to commit fraud against hundreds
of local citizens before moving on to the next
town to repeat their crimes.

To manufacture forged documents needed for their
identity theft crime spree, the two criminals
had in their possession the following equipment:

  • Computers (faking checks)
  • Scanners (faking photos)
  • Laminators (faking cards)
  • Dozens of identities (faking people)

But, the really odd fact to this case was the two
had somehow managed to acquire a master key
the Vancouver post office!

So, our tip for today is to never under estimate
the power of greed or desperation by identity thieves.
The fact that a master key to unlock the post office was
stolen should give you an indication of how important it
is to reduce the amount of unsolicited junk mail containing
pre-approved credit offers in your name as well as frequently
checking your credit report for signs of identity theft.


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