Monday, April 17, 2006

9 out of 10 Consumers Want Online Bank Monitoring

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U.S. bank account holders overwhelmingly,
with 90% responding, agreed they want
online bank account monitoring in a recent
study released. In the poll conducted by
RSA Security, consumers (60%) also
would like their banks to contact them
first when suspicious activity is detected.

Given the overwhelming evidence identity theft
has become a national problem effecting tens of
millions of Americans, it's no small surprise
most consumers feel banks should be providing
better account monitoring and notification services.

We only utilize banks and credit card companies which already
automatic account monitoring with exception alerting
to our wireless
devices based on specific "burglar alarm"
threats commonly associated
with potential identity theft.

For example:

  • Sudden unexplained increases in your credit card balance
  • Unexplained charges and transactions outside your normal pattern
  • Suspicious withdrawals from outside your normal transaction area
  • Attempts to change your mailing address for monthly statements

So, our tip for today is to request these services, often times they're
free, from your bank and credit card companies.


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