Friday, April 28, 2006

$2 million Identity Theft Crime Ring Busted

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Operating across 6 counties, a large scale identity theft
crime ring responsible for $2 million in fraud was recently
busted after six years of operation.

20 members of the ring were recently busted for creating
fake checks and charging stolen credit card numbers to
even phony businesses.

It took authorities 7 months to crack this identity
theft ring after initially recieving a report of a single
counterfeit check passed to a Los Angeles area bank.

What is particularly scary about this identity theft case,
is the length of time (6 years) they were in operation and
the $2 million in fraud they were responsible for in a
single year.

Plus, when busted, this identity theft ring had records
indicating the diversity of their fraud capability :

  • Fake checks
  • Stolen credit card numbers
  • Wire & Real Estate fraud
  • Computer equipment

This case proves that identity theft has become a very
profitable enterprise and is no longer just a crime
limited to purse snatchers or dishonest clerks stealing
personal information on an individual basis.

Let's face it - identity thieves are organized,
and unfortunately often
hidden away from exposure for years.

So, our tip for today is to arm yourself against the often
times silent criminal enterprise which could very well have
already made you an identity theft victim.

Besides a credit report check, check out your much larger
real estate fraud potential by getting your personal
and background records check today - especially to catch
the identity fraud not trackable by credit bureaus.


At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am tired of reading about so many cases of ID Theft when they can be traced to a single source.

The CREDIT BUREAUS. Put the culpability (blame) where it belongs.

No one would have their accounts (lives) ripped off if the credit bureaus weren't allowed to sell our personal information, WITHOUT OUR PERMISSION. I don't want to pay for "credit monitoring" either. This is racketeering. They sell you out and then charge you to find out what crooks they sold it to. They should be arrested for this type of unethical business practice.

Every consumer in the United States needs the right to be able to FREEZE their CREDIT REPORT(S). I want the authority to be able to contact the credit bureaus and have the freeze temporarily lifted only when I SAY SO. Contact your senators and demand this or start crying when it happens to YOU.


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