Monday, June 26, 2006

Identity Theft Insurance Provider Itself A Victim

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In a cruel paradox, AIG, one of America's largest
insurance providers which also offers identity theft
insurance became the latest id theft victim with the
theft of 970,000 potential customer's data.

AIG, in March, suffered the loss when a thief stole
a computer file server and several laptops from
the insurance company's Midwest offices.

The highly confidential information contained on
the stolen computer equipment included:

  • Names
  • Social Security Numbers (ssn)

It seems the data stolen covered insurance quotes
from 690 individual brokers across America.

Additionally, five percent of the consumer's files
also included confidential medical information.

Although AIG is a provider of identity theft insurance,
this incident has caused the company to agree to
covering the costs of helping the impacted consumers
restore their credit ratings when they become
credit fraud victims.

So, our tip for today, is to contact AIG's customer
assistance hotline if you or anyone you know is
a victim of this latest identity theft.

AIG can be reached at 1-877-638-4244 or via their
company web site contact form.


At 7:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well this article and audio podcast, finally convinced me I should not rely on the automatic credit insurance which comes with my credit card.

When an insurance company can't even protect themselves from identity theft, that speaks volumes.

I'm going to get signed up today for credit monitoring and look through your web site for other tips to seek identity theft prevention as it seems no one or no company is immunite from this crime.

Thank you so much and keep us informed.


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