Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Identity Theft Drives $7,000 Taco Bell Purchase

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A Georgia woman paid the equivalent of over
$7,000 for her recent fast food purchase using
the drive thru window.

That's right, $7,000 from the result of her
Taco Bell purchase - not because she was very
hungry - but rather due to an eager identity
thief who stole her account information.

It seems the identity thief, while working the
drive thru lane for Taco Bell, was illegally
"skimming" unsuspecting customer's
credit and
debit card information.

She was what we refer to as a simple identity
theft "collector" who actually does not make
the fraudulent purchases, but passes the stolen
data on to an accomplice who does the fraud.

As a result, she was rapidly capturing and
forwarding the stolen identities to an accomplice
who would then utilize the stolen data to
subsequently defraud the unsuspecting customers
bank accounts.

Unlike credit cards, your debit card tied to a
banking account, can have unlimited liability
up to the amount of available funds - especially
if you do not contact the bank within 1 week or
less of the fraud event.

This is how the Georgia woman came to lose over
$7,000 through a series of fraudulent
from her bank account.

Evidently this was a very profitable operation
for the identity thieves as the accomplice was
willing to pay "$1,000 for every 50 card
stolen" which translated into
$200 per individual

The identity theft accomplice, operating as a
"transactor", was later found to have been
engaged in recruiting fast food drive thru
workers all across the greater Atlanta

No wonder, with his ability to generate a
$7,000 return from an initial $200
, identity theft was a more
profitable venture than most other forms
of criminal activity.

So, our tip for today is it's better to pay cash
for fast food purchases - especially late at night
when only the drive thru window is open at your
favorite munchie haven.

Also, to aid Atlanta area law enforcement officers
engaged in the continuing investigation behind
this latest identity theft scam, citizens with
any information
or who may have now
discovered they have been
scammed after using a Taco Bell
contact the local police tip line.

That tip line number is (404)583-3086.


At 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agent 99, make sure I'm grasping this correctly.

You mean to tell me that skimmer thingy is small, portable, & could be used by just about any devious waiter or fast food person in a restaurant - not just drive thrus?

That's very frightening bcause of all the times people (me) give their credit cards to pay for the bill, the waiter disappears around the corner of the restaurant serving area, and then brings you the bill.

I would have no idea they could reallly be using one of these skimmers to steal all of my account information to make a new card?

At 9:10 PM, Blogger agent99 said...

Identity thieves are motivated and resourceful...which means they do not need any extra help from us or others who would just give them the confidential data they seek to defraud.

Some of the skimmers we've seen even are wireless.

So, an identity thief using one of these wireless models could even upload his catch to his waiting accomplice who would then be able to instantly start committing fraud in your name.

It's quite possible with these high speed identity theft devices, you could even become an credit fraud victim (citing the fast food drive thru example) even before you finish eating that order from Taco Bell!

So, always guard well against unwittingly providing your hard earned financial data to anyone that does not deserve it.

Pay cash with using fast food restaurants as we've helped to expose both Taco Bell and Domino's Pizza this year had workers who turned out to be identity theft data collectors.


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